Colegio Internacional de Carabobo (CIC) is a school dedicated to the development of the whole child. Our teachers are innovative, skilled, and dedicated. Creativity and self-esteem are essential qualities for students to develop as they ascend the academic ladder.


CIC exists to foster a love of knowledge in its students and to prepare them to live in a dynamic, technologically advanced society. We teach our students to be responsible, self-reliant citizens who are dedicated to the fundamental concepts of democracy, environmental protection, and world citizenship.


Our philosophy, objectives, and programs reflect our respect for individual differences. Our students come from diverse cultural backgrounds; therefore, we cultivate a sense of belonging to the CIC family in all aspects of our programs. The Venezuelan culture enriches our school, and we aspire to contribute to the present and future generations of this country.


CIC prepares young men and women for success in life, and we believe every facet of our school should reflect our core values. We want our graduates to be honest, sensitive, curious, and bold. We want them to develop leadership skills, to challenge assumption, to resist complacency, and to think critically. And we want them to have the determination and commitment to meet the challenges they face in life.


CIC takes pride in an educational program conducted in English that is equal to or surpasses that of any school - abroad - whose curriculum is built on a foundation of solid pedagogy. Our graduates are well prepared for universities and for professional careers suited to their talents and interests. Our standards are set high, as befits an institution with our tradition of excellence, and CIC reflects the significant ideals of accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Our Alma Mater

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