Members of the Committee on Latin American Schools of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools believe there are certain characteristics which an international school must possess to be considered for accreditation as an American school. The Committee believes that it is reasonable to expect the following profile characteristics of an International-type school:


  • A Board-approved statement of philosophy which encompasses a commitment to provide a quality International-type education.


  • An International curriculum equivalent to international schools.


  • Instruction that is conducted in English/Spanish except for language courses or other courses required by local law.


  • A course of studies that prepares elementary students for acceptance in an International type secondary school program.


  • A program of studies in the secondary school that prepares students to be transfered to other international schools around the world or to be considered for acceptance into any college or university.


  • Qualified directors and principals with International training and eligible for certification as administrators.


  • A staff that has International teaching credentials or a four-year equivalent degree.


  • Material, equipment, supplies, etc., to support an international curriculum.


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