Alumni-Friends of CIC

Dear Alumni and Friends of CIC,


Hello again from CIC Valencia!


The 2017-2018 school year, our 63rd year of existence, started off 4 weeks ago.  It’s great to have the kids around again!  The teachers finished their orientation week with the traditional CIC beach trip, which is always a success.  The 18 new members of the educational staff seem really nice, and they all love it so far!  In total CIC has 79 wonderful teachers and assistants starting off the new school year and 417 students from Nursery to Grade 12.  Upgrades were carried out during the summer, including the remodeling of several restrooms and the renewal of our technology tools around the school. Our campus looks absolutely fantastic, the recent rains having helped our beautiful gardens thrive.


Even though the world is going through challenging times, we are optimistic as to the future of our young men and women who are preparing at our school to face these demands.


Again we invite you to check out our web page which includes pertinent school information and beautiful photo tours (; and to contact us at any time for anything that we can help you with (


Annamaria Martinez

Alumni / Friends of CIC



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